Here at BODHIGA,
We help the kids

  • listen

  • learn

  • think

  • vision

  • excel

The Programs we offer...


atMath introduces the fundamental arithmetic concepts, while enhancing and reinforcing them Alternate Mathematical Systems. atMath broadly covers the Alternate Math systems such as Singapore Math, Mind Math and Vedic Math with interactive fun-filled classroom sessions and homework. Suitable for Age 5 or higher.


hiMath introduces the core concepts, while enhancing and reinforcing Higher Math with simplified, fun-filled sessions. hiMath covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus with interactive classroom sessions and homework. Suitable for 5th Graders and high.


cliCamp introduces the core fundamentals of literacy, while enhancing the reading, writing and verbal skills with fun-filled Children Literacy Improvement Camps and Clinics. cliCamp broadly covers speed reading, handwriting, notes taking and other study skills. Suitable for the Age 5 and higher.


beRite introduces the core concepts of study skills, while enhancing the test taking skills. beRite broadly covers college planning, test planning and preparation, SAT, ACT and more. Suitable for 7th Graders or higher.


hdStart introduces the concepts of visual imagery, while enhancing and reinforcing creative thinking and memory improvement methods. hdStart helps the children to be a better learner as well as to uncover their true potential with the help of fun-filled, cognitive activities. Suitable for Age 5 and higher.


fnMoney introduces the basic concepts of personal finance, earning, saving, investing, growing and enhancing overall money management with real-life case studies. fnMoney broadly covers the ecosystem of money making, growing money, banking, credit system, tax, and overall financial well being. Suitable for 7th Graders and higher.

About Bodhiga

We are next generation educators working to propel child development and enrichment. Bodhiga pronounced "bow-the-gha" means Guru, a great teacher. We leverage fun and engaging methods focused on cognitive enrichment, visual imagery, language mastery, financial literacy and fine arts. We all want our children to be successful in life and we are positive that our Programs shall help the children to reach up to their full potential and be successful in their lives.

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At Bodhiga (\bow-the-gha\), we wanted to make positive impact in few lives and felt that the best place to start is Kids, thus chosen Children Enrichment as our focus area. We are Change Agents, passionate about complimenting the educational system with interactive, explorative, fun-filled activities. We have centers across Pennsylvania and broadening our presence in other areas.

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